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The MMT can be configured with one of three secondary mirrors, our f/9 or f/5 top/tilt secondaries or our f/15 deformable mirror for adaptive corrections with either natural guide stars or our laser system. The three interchangeable secondary mirrors support four Cassegrain optical configurations: f/9 with a 13' FOV designed to make use of the pre-conversion facility instrumentation, f/5 with a corrected 1˚ FOV for wide-field spectroscopy, f/5 with a corrected 0.5˚ FOV for imaging and the fully adaptive f/15 with a maximum FOV of 5' (though this is not fully exploited yet). The f/5 spectroscopic mode incorporates atmospheric dispersion compensation (ADC) prisms to correct for atmospheric dispersion between 1 and 2 airmass.

We have an expansive set of world class instruments for use - each one utilizing the qualities of one of our three secondary mirrors. Below is a summary table of each instrument's main capabilities.  You will find a more in-depth description on each individual instrument page.  All of our instruments, except for the Red & Blue Channel spectrographs, are PI instruments so we have listed the links to documentation kept up to date by the PIs. If you need further information regarding any instruments (except Red & Blue Channel) please contact the PIs directly or Joannah Hinz.

SecondaryNameBrief DescriptionSpectral RangeResolving power/ pixel scaleFOVAvailable? 


Blue ChannelOptical single-slit spectrograph3000 - 9000ÅR = 770 - 3900 & 11200 Yes

Red ChannelOptical single-slit spectrograph4000Å - 1.02umR = 240 - 4050 Yes

SPOLImaging spectropolarimeter3800 - 9000ÅR = 330 - 1025 / 0.19"/pix19"Yes


BINOSPECOptical multi-object spectrograph & imager3900Å - 1um1300 - 5000 / 0.22"/pix8' x 15'Yes

HectochelleOptical fiber-fed multi-object echelle spectrograph3800 - 9200ÅR = 32,000 - 40,0001 degYes

HectospecOptical fiber-fed multi-object spectrograph3650 - 9200ÅR = 1000 - 25001 degYes

MAESTROSingle-slit echelle spectrograph3185 - 9850ÅR = 28,000 - 93,000 Under review

MegacamWide-field optical imager3200 - 8300Å0.08"/pix24' x 24'No

MMIRSIR multi-object spectrograph & imager0.9 - 2.5umR = 1200 - 3000 / 0.2"/pix7' x 7'Yes

SWIRCWide-field IR imager0.84 - 1.8um0.15"/pix5.12' x 5.12'No


ARIESIR imager & single slit echelle spectrograph1 - 5umR = 1500 - 50,000 / 0.019 - 0.1"/pix20" - 104.4"Temporarily unavailable

CLIOThermal IR camera1.5 - 3um0.027 - 0.048"/pix8.7" x 7" or 15" x 12"No

MIRAC-BLINCMid-IR camera & nulling interferometer8 - 25um0.09"/pix11.5"No

PISCESWide-field IR imager1 - 2.5um0.026"/pix or 0.11"/pix26.4" or 1.9'Yes

 MMT-Pol IR imaging polarimeter1 - 4um0.043 "/pix22.5"Temporarily unavailable