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MMT Symposium 2006 Proceedings

Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center
Warren Brown
A High-Precision Transit Survey for Hot Jupiters and Hot Neptunes with Megacam
Scott Gaudi & Joel Hartman
Deep Megacam Imaging of the Extended Groth Strip
Brian McLeod
The AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey (AGES)
Daniel Eisenstein
Hectospec - AGN in Bootes and Mapping the Cosmic Web to z=3
Christine Jones
Searching for Our Origins: Star and Planet Formation with the MMT
Michael Meyer
Hunting for Extrasolar Planets with ARIES and the Simultaneous Differential Imager (SDI)
Laird Close
An MMT and Magellan Survey of the Environments of Strong Gravitational Lens Galaxies
Ivelina Momcheva
High Redshift Quasars
Xiaohui Fan
The Nature of High-Equivalent Width Lyman-Alpha Galaxies
Steven Finkelstein
The All Orion Spectroscopic Survey
James Muzerolle
Application of Hectochelle: Dynamical Studies of Open Clusters
Gabor Furesz
Kinematics of the Seven Dwarfs
Matthew Walker
M31 Globular Clusters with Hectospec
Nelson Caldwell
Deep UV Imaging in the HST M31 Halo Field with Megacam
Edward Olszewski
The MMT's Role in Understanding Magnetic Accretion Binaries
Gary Schmidt
High Resolution Mid-Infrared Imaging of Dusty Circumstellar Structure around AGB and Post-AGB Stars with the MMT Adaptive Optics System
Beth Biller
Blue Channel Spectroscopy of DLAs
Jill Bechtold
Dynamical Masses in Luminous IR Galaxies
Joannah Hinz
Your MMT: An Overview of Recent and Upcoming Technical Activities
Grant Williams
Binospec, a Wide-Field Imaging Spectrograph for the MMT
Dan Fabricant
Status Report on MAESTRO
Jill Bechtold
The MMT/Magellan IR Spectrometer (MMIRS)
Brian McLeod
Status of the f/15 NGS AO System
Douglas Miller
MMT Laser Guidestar System Status
Thomas Stalcup
Multi-Laser-Guided Adaptive Optics: Status and Results
Christoph Baranec

Multi-Laser-Guided Adaptive Optics: Science Goals

Michael Lloyd-Hart
A Summary of Results from Nulling Interferometry
Wilson Liu
Using the Adaptive Secondary to Find Planets at 3-5 Microns: Vega and Other Stars
Ari Heinze
The MMT All-Sky Camera
Tim Pickering