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Staff Directory

Town Staff

NamePositionE-mail ( # (*)Phone # (520)

Comisso, Brian

Electronic Supportbcomisso470621-5414

Duffek, Ken

Electronic Support, Coordinatorkduffek474626-0580

Gibson, Duane 

Software Support, Coordinatorjdgibson472626-2996

Goble, William

Engineering Managerwgoble462879-4582

Hinz, Joannah

Associate Staff Scientistjhinz464626-0579

Knop, Cory 

Electronic Support, Safety Coordinatorcknop468621-3953

Pickering, Tim 

Assistant Staff ScientisttpickeringMaryland

Porter, Dallan 

Software Supportdporter466626-3755

Powell, Keith

Adaptive Optics Scientist/ EngineerkpowellN432626-8646

Russ, Barbara 

Business Managerbruss460621-3451

Schaller, Skip

Software SupportskipChile407-6190

Trebisky, Tom 

Software Supportttrebisky459621-5135

Wahl, Susan 

Administrative Associateswahl460621-1558

Weiner, Ben 

Assistant Staff Scientistbjw476626-3508

Williams, Grant 

Director, Astronomergwilliams460A621-1269

Conference Room


*  All offices can be found on the 4th floor of the Steward Observatory Building, University of Arizona Campus

Mountain staff

NamePositionE-mail ( # (*)Phone # (520)


Alegria, Michael

Asst Mtn Operations Mngr/Instrument SpecialistmalegriaMMT879-4555


Anaya, Michael

Staff TechnicianmanayaMMT879-4559


Chang, Creighton

Mechanical SupportcchangMMT879-4570


Di Miceli, John

Mechanical Support, Safety CoordinatorjdimiceliMMT879-4554


Kattner, ShiAnne

Queue ObserverskattnerMMT879-4544


Kunk, Ben

Telescope OperatorbkunkMMT879-4560


Lacasse, Marc

Instrument Specialistmlacasse (**)MMT/458B879-4552


Ly, Chun

Queue ObserverchunlyMMT879-4548


Martin, Erin

Telescope OperatoremartinMMT879-4543


Milone, Alejandra

Telescope OperatoramiloneMMT879-4542


Oldham, Thomas

Mechanical SupporttoldhamMMT879-4561


Ortiz, Ricardo

Mountain Operations ManagerrortizMMT879-4556


Smith, Dennis

Operations SupportdsmithMMT879-4548


Williams, J.T.

Technical Expertjtwms481621-5407/879-4405


Wood, Joe

Staff TechnicianjwoodMMT879-4565


Telescope Operator Desk

  mmtopMMTDial each operator directly

Telescope AO Operator



Observer Desk